Our Story

Our Mission

To inspire more people to make food and lifestyle choices that gently promote physical health, genuine concern for Mother Earth and all her children, and please the Supreme Provider.

Our Company

shai ovenOurs is a small company. For many years, we ran our entire cookie factory, from the purchasing of grains and fruit right down to making each nutrition-packed cookie and its delivery and distribution at various outlets, from our very own home…It all started in the seventies when my Mom decided to take charge of what she ate.  It was a time when vegetarianism was considered some form of the occult and healthy eating meant steaks and milkshakes.  can you do thisFilipino eating habits were cast from a decidedly American mold which had little consideration for the effect of prolonged animal protein consumption on the environment and our bodies.  Indeed, the flow of information about the relation between what we eat and our planet was a mere trickle.shai kitchenFast forward thirty years and a totally different picture has emerged: “Health” and “fitness” are all of a sudden accepted lifestyles as people are more conscious and responsible over the foods they choose.  Evidence of this are the gyms, spas and wellness hubs mushrooming around the metropolis, and the plethora of publications on health and wellness.  Most amusingly, scores of establishment giants have added a page or more of vegetarian choices on their menus—the trickle has become a steady flowing stream.

Coming a long way.

What started out as a decision to share a more responsible way of eating with neighbors by sending them some goodies as a token of goodwill grew on me as a young boy delivering whole-grain breads throughout the different villages we lived in.  And, watching my mom regularly giving cooking classes to people from all over town and from all walks of life.  It is this responsibility that is the backbone of our company.

tanya and joy

From our home to yours, because after all, our goodness is your goodness,

Chaitanya das Tamayo

 P.S.  Today, My Goodness is opening up more avenues for goodness–organic beverages, herbs, dips, organic vegetables, fruits and herbs….etc.  To extend more goodness to more people.

Our Family

aela loves wonder barsFor almost a lifetime, we’ve savored goodness from the earth’s bounty.  Wanting to share this wealth with others, we’ve come up with cookie flavors and other food products packed with nourishment from Mother Earth—home-harvested honey, organic raw sugar and other health-boosting sweeteners, fruits and nuts, baked with down-home goodness and love.  It makes us feel good to offer you foods that nourish, that make bodies healthy and Mother Earth happy.  We care about her health and yours.familyWe are small, we are simple and we are real.