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about veg cooking classes - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUm2n8YWRos&NR=1&feature=endscreen

about organics and our farm:




Savor and experience the POWER behind the bars.  BALABARS, GOPALABARS, and JAGANUT BARS, the Phil. National athletes’ favorites, have proven their worth at the SEAGAMES in Laos (2009), ASIAN GAMES in Guangzhou (2010).  They again journeyed with the athletes in the 2011 SEAGAMES in Indonesia.  DON’T take our word for it.  Try them yourselves!


organic herbs and veggies

ORGANIC STUFF… Call for available herbs, vegetables and fruits freshly picked from our farm in the Sierra Madre mountains, Vaikuntha Organic Farm.  We can make arrangements for delivery at your area.  Call 823 4445 for more info.



Call us for reservations and questions.  823 4445.spacer

what people say about our cookies

  • “Wow, man, this is so good!!! —Are you sure it’s legal?”-J. Ayala
  • “There are some emotions I feel when I eat your cookies. I don’t know, I can’t explain it, it’s so different!  So nice!”-Mr. Bean
  • “Vehry goooood.”-Senor Y
  • “Thanks, shai.  I found the booth and the oat crisps.  Now I can drive back 140 kms…to my happy wife.”-Elsie’s husband
  • “You can’t just EAT my goodness cookies.  You have to take it slowly, take your time, and with reverence.  It’s a sin to eat it fast ‘cos it’s so special.”-Tita Odette (bless her!  We miss her)
  • “My Goodness is just the BEST food on earth.”-Tina
  • “Energy never tasted so good!”-Silly Lali
  • “The cookies are rich, complex and sooooo delicious! Can’t believe they are wholesome and healthy! I always bring a supply back with me to Texas and put them in the freezer. I try to make them last but they are gone in days!” -Tita Annette from San Antonio, Texas
  • “My dad says that your Oat Crisps are the best cookies he’s ever had by far!  But I don’t think I’m gonna give him this one (a tub of Old Style Oat Crisps) cos I have to keep it for myself.  We don’t find this here very often… (chuckle)”  - Lindsey from California